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The Schneider Brothers Financial Group has been committed in the past five years to stimulate investments in "energy efficiency" through the evolution of its product "energy credit", a one year financial instrument aimed at acquiring energy efficiency certificates in France, which is made for a period of one year, for a minimum amount of 50 000 euros and intended to finance low-energy operations with the objective of preserving the environment.

The ensured annual return is 5.75%, capital and guarantee interest are paid in arrears. The return is calculated 30 days following the signature of the energy credit contract and deposit of the funds. This contract has the advantage of bearing no additional costs, such as entrance, management or exit fees.

This contract, purely commercial, explains the importance of the paid interest, with minimal risk. A non-discharging levy of 21% plus mandatory social security contributions are withheld in France on the interest paid for the individual contracts. Companies manage this contract and its interests through the corporation tax (IS).