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Schneider Credit® is a Trade name registered and under the protection of by the English Investment Fund Schneider Brothers Ltd, installed in the heart of the 8th "quartier" in the centre of Paris, and operating a platform of " crowd funding".

The participation is made for a period of 3 years, for a minimum amount of  100 000 Euros and is intended to be used for acquiring allocated energy credits.  The allocations are purchased on a wholesale basis from European electricity producers; then are sold on a basis at the best offer during peak period.The financing therefore is without risk, as the market is not volatile.

This participation generates preferential returns paid on a quarterly basis. The total amount of the lenders capital is reimbursed at the 3 year expiry date of the Contract. The Contract has the advantage of bearing no additional costs, such as entrance fees, management or exit. The return is calculated as of 30 days after the beginning of the month following signature of the Energy Credit Contract and deposit of the funds.

 The high rate of return is based upon a commercial operation (purchase/ sale of electricity supply contracts) and not on Stock Market operations as offered traditionally by banks or asset managers - the profit margin which is obtained is therefore more important than traditional Stock Market placements.

- General conditions for Energy SCHNEIDER CREDIT® Contract.
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